Complete Guns and Robots' Survey and win heavy rewards!

Hello fellow robot-fighters!

Thank you for joining in! This survey will take you only three to five minutes and as a reward you will receive a new device - EggPunch! We would like to improve your experience in Guns and Robots and we need your valuable feedback. Express your opinion, give us tips, speak out! Upon completion you will be rewarded for your tremendous help!

Please fill in your e-mail:

1) I consider myself a/an:

2) What I like most about playing Guns and Robots is:

3) The features or content I would like to see in Guns and Robots are:

4) Are you a member of a guild in Guns and Robots?

5) If you are a member of a guild/master of a guild, please give us feedback on your guild experience.

6) Do you feel you have the tools needed to communicate with your friends in the game?

7) How would you rate the following during the Open Beta of Guns and Robots?

Services Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied N/A
Support Availability
Ease of controls
Bug free
Art and Graphics quality
Game balance
Attractive Interface
Server Stability
Overall Game Performance

8) Please rate how often do you participate in the following activities in Guns and Robots.

Very Often Often Not so often Not at all
Form a Squad
Socializing with friends
Crafting a robot
Completing missions
Completing achievements
Browsing the Shop
Queue for PvP battles

9) The best new feature this session was…

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