Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. GaRAGE MAD3 2720
2. Bull3t 2558
3. Nadia Nackova 2531
4. Prime 2516
5. jR* Professor X 2509
6. SpaceHunter 2505
7. Houari 2503
8. UnKoWn GAMER II 2451
9. pumba 2438
10. Doge 2416


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Valentine's Day Events In Guns and Robots

Attention robot-fighters,

We have prepared two events for you to participate in! The events will start from 10th of February and will run until 16th of February. Those of you who succeed in completing the objectives win the big award - a brand new weapon that "charms" the opponents and leave them helpless in battle.

First event in Guns and Robotshas the objective to protect a teammate. One of your fellow robot-fighters will be randomly assigned as a VIP player that has to be protected throughout the match. Succeeding in protecting the VIP and the team will be awarded.
Along with this event you can join in a "Heartbreaking" contest with an opportunity to win sufficient amount of credits. Many surprises and freebies await so invite your friends and join in!