Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. ujasT 2450
2. Houari 2417
3. jR* Professor X 2333
4. KloN 2323
5. [BiG【ツ】DaddY] 2293
6. TriAD 2277
7. RatZapTor 2266
8. Zit 2225
9. Phenicksss 2212
10. Doge 2209


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Summer Giveaways

We are pleased to announce the start of Summer Giveaways. We are teaming up with several partnering sites to distribute in-game currency. Grab your exclusive currency package from Guns and Robots from the following websites:

*Those of you who had their keys can redeem them now in the game.


Claim your premium currency via the code by following these steps:

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3) Jump straight into the action!

*This bundle offers free GAR in-game currency - 100 Sparks.

* Note: Guns and Robots' currency - sparks are a virtual currency and cannot be exchanged for real money or for any other goods or services, except for Masthead Studios game content.