Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. BRING IT 2590
2. RageTester 2502
3. frantic 777 2382
4. Test Dummy 2368
5. Predator 2356
6. Rearmed 2342
7. Pro Noob 2340
8. WaitABit 2335
9. Stonestill 2335
10. diabolic 2315


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Season One Begins!

Get Ready for new modes, new arenas and many events to participate!

One of the new features coming to life this year will generally let players upgrade their parts, weapons, weapon enchantments. The item upgrade option will give a wide variety of new specifications in the battlefield. The possibilities for upgrades will vary in range from zero to ten levels of improvement. The possible upgrade options will be unlocked for different weapons or parts at a different level cap. You can expect many new items and a lot of fun!