Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. ujasT 2455
2. jR* Professor X 2333
3. KloN 2330
4. [BiG【ツ】DaddY] 2315
5. TriAD 2288
6. garfieldgardens 2288
7. RatZapTor 2266
8. RussianMafia JR 2234
9. Zit 2225
10. Phenicksss 2212


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Guns and Robots on Steam Greenlight

You asked for Guns and Robots on Steam! We listened! Your tremendous support has brought us to form an incredible community that is ready to grow.

Guns and Robots is now in the Greenlight program and we would like to urge you to visit Steam Greenlight and vote YES for us, leave your comments and spread the word to your friends. If Guns and Robots gets green-lighted, you can expect to see tons of new features and content like a real AAA Steam game. Help our community grow, robot-fighters!

Light us up ! :)