Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. ujasT 2450
2. Houari 2417
3. jR* Professor X 2333
4. KloN 2323
5. [BiG【ツ】DaddY] 2293
6. TriAD 2277
7. RatZapTor 2266
8. LORD 2240
9. Zit 2225
10. Phenicksss 2212


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We would like to inform you that as of Today, June 2nd , the Guns and Robots shop is undergoing big update.

Gar Store services will be unavailable from June, 2nd until June, 6th 2014. Gar Players will not be able to purchase credits or bundles.

Thank you for your patience and check back with us for more details on the Forum Board.