Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. [BiG【ツ】DaddY] 2729
2. Ogica97 2667
3. TriAD 2666
4. DynaMike 2663
5. jR* Professor X 2654
6. Definitely not Ogica97 2502
7. Test Dummy 2480
8. Pavel_M 2460
9. RageTester 2437
10. RatZapTor 2389


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Guns and Robots Christmas Events Coming to Town

Christmas is coming early for players of Guns and Robots. The fans of the multiplayer shooter will be able to enter Christmas celebration events, where the game will take on festive look. The celebrations will start on12th of December and will run until 1st of January.

With the release of events, players will be able to fight for gifts with new weapons that shoot snowballs and collect presents which will be opened on the Christmas Eve. Regardless of tradition, the nastiest players during the whole event who manage to steal more presents than the others will enter competition for winning the Christmas sleigh.

Christmas Event Details:

  • Start: 12th of December; End: 1st of January

  • New Unlockable Content

  • New weapons to fight with

  • Free Christmas Accessories

  • Up to 50% OFF parts bundles

  • Balance Improvements

  • Christmas Sleigh

Join in the Christmas festivities in Guns and Robots! In addition to the in-game events, there will be several giveaways here: