Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. ujasT 2450
2. jR* Professor X 2333
3. KloN 2323
4. [BiG【ツ】DaddY] 2293
5. TriAD 2277
6. RatZapTor 2266
7. LORD 2244
8. Zit 2225
9. Phenicksss 2212
10. Doge 2209


Game Name:

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Game Update Information


- VIP account is now available. Players can activate VIP account, which gives 2X more XP and credits, 5% higher chance to open crates and a third party member slot

- Chat spam protection. The chat spam protection will activate when a player tries to type too many messages for a short period of time

- Clicking on a name in chat gives option to players to send messages, add friends, invite to squad, invite to guild

- Chat is now available on the end game rotation platform



- Chat colors for better visualization

- Arena kills information is now colorized

- Various new GUI animations



- New Hat "General" - Nobody can hurt me without my permission

- New Hat "Coin Eater" – I win, you lose...Game Over!

- New Body "Six Strings Samurai" – Rock'n Roll is here to stay


Bug Fixes

- Loading screen bug fixed

- “Railgun” can not penetrate “Dragon Temple” energy wall


Game Balance

- “Chewing Gun” rate of fire reduced by 33%