Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. NicolasRista 2844
2. GaRAGE MAD3 2809
3. UnKoWn GAMER II 2603
4. Nadia Nackova 2531
5. jR* Professor X 2519
6. Prime 2516
7. SpaceHunter 2505
8. Houari 2503
9. pumba 2438
10. Doge 2416


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Game Update Information

Dear Robot Fighters, we would like to thank you for your support and feedback during the last few days after the game was released on Steam. Thanks to your feedback and requests we will keep improving Guns and Robots and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. We are listening to your suggestions and today's game update introduces increased free inventory slots and a lot of new options for receiving free sparks. As a token of good will we are rewarding all current players with 100 free sparks. 
Have fun playing Guns and Robots! 


  • Free inventory slots are increased to 20. Upgrading from 20 to 25 costs 10 sparks. 
  • All daily missions give sparks as rewards 
  • Most achievements give sparks as rewards. Players who have completed an achievement in the past will receive the sparks associated with that achievement.


  • Fixed various issues with players stuck on loading screen. There may still be some players stuck on loading screen. Please check this link for more information 
  • Fixed arena animations positioning 
  • Fixed bug causing the interface to freeze when names with unsupported symbols were shown in the ladder 
  • Fixed the Social chat/Friends search key bindings. Chat is now much easier to use with “Enter” (to start typing) and “ESC” (to leave the type area) 
  • Upgrading weapon barrels now properly shows the damage to be upgraded 
  • Fixed the issue preventing the clicking of “Battle” after skipping tutorial 
  • Fixed gray screen issue


  • Added tool-tips for device charges in the “Supply” devices panel 
  • The “Open Crates” menu shows the number of price of lockpicks 
  • Added new achievements animations 
  • Removed tiers display of batteries and engines 
  • Updated the detail window of all panels to show more visible elements 
  • Items now refresh their statistics properly when upgrade is completed 
  • Various fixes to the upgrade panel 
  • Upgrade component cost in the “Upgrade” panel is now shown properly 
  • Added progress bar for the rented items to show the remaining time of the rent


  • Refresh daily missions cost increased to 300 credits