Top 10 Players

Name Score
1. [BiG【ツ】DaddY] 2729
2. Ogica97 2667
3. TriAD 2666
4. DynaMike 2663
5. jR* Professor X 2654
6. Definitely not Ogica97 2502
7. Test Dummy 2480
8. Pavel_M 2460
9. RageTester 2437
10. RatZapTor 2394


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Developer Roadmap Revealed for Guns and Robots

These several months have been crucial for shaping up Guns and Robots. We are very excited about the features we are currently finalizing and we believe it is time to set our next goals and share them with you. Here is detailed Roadmap of Guns and Robots for the upcoming second season of the game, now available on Steam.

The game will soon implement Territory capture as a separate mode that will make tactical and strategic elements in the game more intense. Guilds will play a vital part in that new mode that will be coming to life in the next season. A lot of content improvements are planned, including new maps and two new game modes. Check the description of the upcoming features:

  • Territory Conquest– One of the major additions in Guns and Robots will allow players to conquer territories in ranked guild death- matches, where players will fight in open world arenas to dominate one territory.

  • Game Tournaments – Player competitions with different rules and great prizes.

  • Localization. The team plans to localize Guns and Robots in many languages.

  • New maps. The team is working on 4 new maps

  • New game modes. Guns and Robots will feature 2 new game modes - " robot race" and "free for all".

Players can look forward to enhanced experience with new gameplay modes, guild features, events and game tournaments. Alongside the big features that we will introduce later this year we will be aiming for regular content updates and ironing out balance.

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